Bold R1 Chipper with Stainless Steel Stand

Save labour time by using this automated chipping machine – unique design ensures maximum yield. – Image shows chipper with optional bucket shelf.

Range of knife blocks available – 14mm x 14mm is standard. Please see product images for knife sizes.

If you wish for a different size please specify in the delivery notes. 

RRP £2,950

£2,009.49 Ex VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Orders may take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.

  • Stainless steel construction and unique design of cutting action ensures maximum yield - 'more chips, less bits' - producing a quality chip.
  • Easy to clean, no tools required with minimum maintenance.
  • Chip size can be changed in seconds or blades can be replaced individually.
  • Safety interlock switches are fitted to the hopper and knife block to protect the operator.
  • Bold 28/56 Potato Peelers are leaders in the fish frying and catering industry. The Bold R1 Chipper carries on the same tradition of quality engineering, ease of operation and reliability.



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